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Teacher poems of appreciation, gratitude, and admiration. Thank you teacher poems make teacher feel valued and respected, for an extra special Teacher Day. Number One Teacher (Name of teacher) I'm happy that you're my teacher; I enjoy each lesson you teach. As my role model you inspire me To dream and to work and to reach. With your kindness you get my attention; Every day you are planting a seed Of curiosity and motivation To know and to grow and succeed. You help me fulfill my potential; I'm thankful for all that you've done. I admire you each day, and I just want to say, As a teacher, you're number one! By Joanna Fuchs This short Teacher Day poem is full of admiration. It's a rhyming poem. The Teacher Gets A+ I look forward to your class When I come to school. You're an awesome teacher; I think you're very cool. You're smart and fair and friendly; You're helping all of us. And if I got to grade you, From me you'd get A+ By Joanna Fuchs To view ALL our poem pages, see our SITE MAP There are lots of requests for thank you teacher poems, so here's a free verse teacher thank you poem. I Want To Be Like You Thank you, teacher, for being my life's role model. When I consider all you've taught me and reflect on the kind of person you are, I want to be like you— smart, interesting and engaging, positive, confident, yet unpretentious. I want to be like you— well-informed and easy to understand, thinking with your heart as well as your head, gently nudging us to do our best, with sensitivity and insight. I want to be like you— giving your time, energy and talent to ensure the brightest possible future for each of us. Thank you, teacher For giving me a goal to shoot for: I want to be like you! By Joanna Fuchs Before using our poems  please see our Terms of Use for permission details. Poems for teachers can compare teacher to a force of nature, as this thank you teacher poem does. This poem for teacher is one of my best Teacher Day poems. Looking for an inspirational teacher poem? This might be the one. A Teacher for All Seasons A teacher is like Spring, Who nurtures new green sprouts, Encourages and leads them, Whenever they have doubts. A teacher is like Summer, Whose sunny temperament Makes studying a pleasure, Preventing discontent. A teacher is like Fall, With methods crisp and clear, Lessons of bright colors And a happy atmosphere. A teacher is like Winter, While it's snowing hard outside, Keeping students comfortable, As a warm and helpful guide. Teacher, you do all these things, With a pleasant attitude; You're a teacher for all seasons, And you have my gratitude! By Joanna Fuchs More Poems For Teachers From Students There is a Sunday School teacher appreciation poem on the  Christian poems  page. There is a  Christmas poem  for a teacher on the Christmas poems page. This short Teacher Day poem credits teacher with looking further than just the surface in this student. I Have A Future Thank you, Teacher, For reaching deep in me to find all I can be before I can see it myself. You never gave up on me. I have a future because of you. By Joanna Fuchs Teacher poems can be rhyming poems or free verse, as this teacher appreciation poem is. This thank you teacher poem can be used by students or administrators. To make this Teacher Day poem usable by a principal or administrator, change it to say, I'd show you the positive effect you have had on this school. This is an inspirational teacher poem. If I Could Teach You, Teacher If I could teach you, teacher, I'd teach you how much more you have accomplished than you think you have. I'd show you the seeds you planted years ago that are now coming into bloom. I'd reveal to you the young minds that have expanded under your care, the hearts that are serving others because they had you as a role model. If I could teach you, teacher, I'd show you the positive effect you have had on me and my life. Your homework is to know your value to the world, to acknowledge it, to believe it. Thank you, teacher. By Joanna Fuchs Teacher Appreciation Poems Looking for a thank you teacher poem? This sonnet is a teacher poem for older students and adults to give to their teachers or professors. Put this inspirational teacher poem on a classy looking card. It's a teacher appreciation poem certain to make an impact. It's one of my best poems for teachers. Sonnet For An Unforgettable Teacher (Teacher's name) When I began your class I think I knew The kind of challenges you'd make me face. You gave me motivation to pursue The best, and to reject the commonplace. Your thinking really opened up my mind. With wisdom, style and grace, you made me see, That what I'd choose to seek, I'd surely find; You shook me out of my complacency. I thank you now for everything you've done; What you have taught me I will not outgrow. Your kind attention touched my mind and heart; In many ways that you will never know. I will remember you my whole life through; I wish that all my teachers were like you. By Joanna Fuchs Poems for teacher from students often describe teacher's best attributes. This teacher appreciation poem says it all. Your teacher would love getting this teacher poem. The Most Admired Teacher (Name of teacher) The most admired teacher Would be caring, kind and smart. She'd always have her students' Best interests in her heart. She'd help us love to learn. Her lessons would be clear. She'd motivate with praise, And always be sincere. She'd be upbeat and supportive, And a great role model too. She'd be the perfect teacher; She'd be just like you! By Joanna Fuchs More Poems About Teachers Poems about teachers are almost always complimentary. This Teacher Day poem expresses admiration and respect for teacher. Good Guide A smart and really good teacher Should be a good guide, not a preacher. Shed open each mind Therein treasures to find; Encouragement would be her best feature. You have this good quality and more; You inspire each brain to explore. Our respect you are earning; Youve made us love learning, As no teacher has before. By Joanna Fuchs Teacher appreciation poems are very popular. This poem for teacher, in free verse, is an inspirational teacher poem and a positive message for teacher. I'll Remember You Always Rarely does someone get to influence a person's life in a positive way for a lifetime, as a teacher can, fostering optimism and confidence, providing knowledge that leads to success, and being a good role model, as you have, and you are, and you will. forever. I'll remember you always. Thank you. By Joanna Fuchs Teacher Day Poems Poems for teachers from students should make the teacher feel good. This Teacher Day poem in free verse is a message for teacher that lets the teacher know how special he or she is. I Wouldn't Know. If I hadn't had you as my teacher, I wouldn't know how much fun learning can be, satisfying to the brain and heart, filling me with essential knowledge I can use all my life. I wouldn't know some teachers stand out from others in their desire to maximize students' potential for educational fulfillment, success and happiness. If I hadn't had you as my teacher, I just wouldn't know. By Joanna Fuchs Teacher poems can talk about different kinds of teachers. We've all had teachers we remember all our lives, the star teachers. This teacher appreciation poem is for that kind of teacher.  A poem for a teacher like this is really special. Star Teacher I always love your class; Your teaching helps me see, That to have a happy life, Learning is the key. You understand your students; You're sensitive and smart. You're a skillful teacher; I knew it from the start. I'm grateful for your wisdom For the teacher that you are; You're a very good person, And as a teacher, you're a star! By Joanna Fuchs Poems for your teacher can be short but meaningful. Here's a short teacher appreciation poem, in free verse. Rainbow Teacher A good teacher is a brilliant light illuminating the prism of life, revealing to students a rainbow of possibilities. By Joanna Fuchs Here's a poem about teachers that emphasizes how inspirational a good teacher can be in a student's life. It's a thank you teacher poem sure to make your teacher feel good. Some Teachers What we learn forms the filter through which we view the world. What we learn determines how we live our lives. Some teachers teach us the right things and make them easy to understand. Some teachers make learning fun, a joy that enriches all we do. Some teachers help lead us toward success and happiness. Some teachers are very important to us; we will always remember them. You are one of those teachers. Thank you for being my teacher. I really appreciate you! By Joanna Fuchs Thank You Teacher Poems This short  thank you teacher poem sums up the lifetime value of a teacher. Special Teacher Special Teacher What you taught me in just a few minutes a day will help me for my lifetime. By Joanna Fuchs A message for teacher is often filled with gratitude, as this short thank you teacher poem is. Important Teacher When everything else was getting me down, I'd come to school and lose my frown. You'd teach me stuff I wanted to know; With you, I learned; You helped me grow. Important people are very few; In my life, one of them is you. Because of you, I got some smarts. Thank you, Teacher, from my heart of hearts. By Joanna Fuchs Inspirational poems for teachers are in demand. This thank you teacher poem is perfect for Teacher Day.  The Best Teachers Teachers open up young minds, showing them the wonders of the intellect and the miracle of being able to think for themselves. A teacher exercises the mental muscles of students, stretching and strengthening, so they can make challenging decisions, find their way in the world, and become independent. The best teachers care enough To gently push and prod students to do their best and fulfill their potential. You are one of those. By Joanna Fuchs This favorite teacher poem is a teacher appreciation poem sure to please. Rhyming poems for your teacher, like this one, are especially popular. Thank You, Teacher Thank you, skillful teacher, For teaching me to be A stronger, smarter person, Academically. Thank you, favorite teacher For acting like a friend, And taking time to show me, Lessons hard to comprehend. Thank you for your caring And lots of other stuff; For all the things you gave me, I can't thank you enough. By Joanna Fuchs Short Teacher Poems Teacher Day poems often address the lasting impact a teacher has on a student's life, as this short teacher poem in free verse does. Changed Forever My Terrific Teacher, When you fed me knowledge, you changed forever my view of life and the world. I will always remember you. By Joanna Fuchs This short teacher appreciation poem has a casual, breezy tone that may appeal to many. You're So Fine Teacher, teacher youre so fine; Im so glad that you are mine. I cant wait to go to school. You help me learn, and you're so cool. When I graduate, I know I'll remember you, wherever I go. By Joanna Fuchs Short poems for teachers can say a lot, like this inspirational teacher poem. I Feel Good Kind Teacher, You conquered my fears that I was dumb. You focused on my smart strengths and ignored the rest. Because of you, I feel good about me. By Joanna Fuchs This short teacher poem is perfect for a Teacher Day card. My Teacher My Teacher, You taught me, inspired me guided me, encouraged me pushed me to do my best. Thank you for caring about me. By Joanna Fuchs Short poems for teachers fit nicely in a card. Teacher Day poems should reveal your feelings. Let your teacher know all the ways he or she has enriched your life with these teacher poems. A Privilege You make my life better both in and out of class. Your lessons enrich my brain. Your caring touches my heart. You are an extraordinary person, etched in my memory forever. It is a privilege to know you. Thank you, teacher, for being you. By Joanna Fuchs Teacher Poem To Students While students are looking for Teacher Day poems, perhaps teachers might like this rhyming poem as a teacher thank you poem to students at the end of the year. Students Like You With students like you, teaching is easy I look forward to each day; Your wondering minds keep me on my toes; You make teaching more like play. Students like you make teaching rewarding; When I go home, I'm content; You pay attention, you learn—giving me A sense of accomplishment. Thank you for being the way you are, For making my job so much fun. I'll remember how good you made me feel, Even when my teaching is done. By Joanna Fuchs Teacher Retirement Poems Teacher appreciation poems should include poems for teachers who are retiring. This teacher poem is a teacher retirement poem. You can use this teacher retirement poem with a card or gift. Now That You're Retiring Now that you're retiring We can tell you how we feel; Our heartfelt admiration Is deeply felt and real. You've been a great role model For teachers and each kid; You showed us how to be In everything you did. We'll miss your fine example; We'll miss the things you gave; Our pleasant memories of you We'll recall and carefully save. We wish for your retirement The best of all your days; May you discover sweet fulfillment In new and rewarding ways. By Joanna Fuchs Teacher retirement poems are in great demand. This teacher appreciation poem should linger long in the mind of the retiree. As You Retire As you retire, know that we will miss you. Every day, we will feel a gap, an empty space in our lives that used to be filled with the pleasure of seeing you. As you retire, look back on your major accomplishment: the lives you touched, influenced, and improved forever. As you retire, know how important you are to everyone, a gem, a unique treasure that we could never replace. As you retire, be fulfilled, be happy, be at peace; you deserve it. By Joanna Fuchs Preschool Teacher Poems Teacher poems can be for students of different ages. Just as I designed "Sonnet For An Unforgettable Teacher" for advanced high school or college level students as a poem for teacher, I also wrote preschool teacher poems. Here they are. Special Teacher Thank you special teacher For helping me to know The things I need to learn To live my life and grow. I feel good with you because Your teaching makes me see, If I work at it, I can do it. Thanks for showing me! By Joanna Fuchs Poems for teachers that are written for young children are very popular. These Teacher Day poems and wishes can be used by kids on cards or with gifts. Lessons Are Fun I'm happy you're my teacher; Thanks for all you do. You make learning easy; Your lessons are fun, too! By Joanna Fuchs Poems for teachers must include short poems from little kids. These short teacher poems from preschool and kindergarten kids will fit on a little card. Mommy, Daddy and Teacher Dear Teacher, I love my mommy and my daddy, too, but the person I think about most is you. By Joanna Fuchs Here's another teacher poem for a younger child, a message for teacher. It's suitable for an end of the year poem for teacher or a goodbye poem for teacher. We'll Remember You Thank you teacher for helping us To learn what we need to know We'll all remember you No matter where we go. Thank you, teacher, for being So nice and kind and good; We like you so much, teacher, We'd stay here if we could! By Joanna Fuchs Teacher Prayer Many thousands of people are typing teacher prayer into their search box, so I wrote a free verse teacher poem to be used as a teacher prayer or teacher appreciation saying. Here it is. Teacher Prayer Dear Lord, bless these teachers mightily as they seek to teach, enrich and guide your precious children. Grant them abundant resources to do their job, intelligence, wisdom, sensitivity, kindness, and the material things that make it possible to turn some of these tender green plants into the strong, stable trees that will lead our nation, to transform some of these buds into brilliant flowers that will bring light, color and happiness to all who encounter them, and to give every one of them the tools to be creative, and productive and to develop their own kind of success in the world. Lord, wrap Your loving arms around these teachers who give so much of themselves to grow our youth into creative, responsible adults. We pray that You will immerse them in your boundless, transcendent love. We pray that You will strengthen and soothe them when they have given so much of themselves that they need Your extra attention, Your extra care. We love, respect and admire these teachers, Lord and we pray that you will watch over them always- these special people who hold our children and our future in their hands. Amen. By Joanna Fuchs Curious about the Christian religion? What is Christianity? What is a Christian? What is Christian faith? To see the answers and find out how to become a Christian, check out this Web site. There are more than 800 poems at this site! Always remember to check out our SITE MAP to access all of our greeting card poems. Thanks for reading our teacher poems! These teacher appreciation poems are free for use on personal greeting cards, as teacher appreciation day messages, sayings, wishes and verses, provided that the author's name (Joanna Fuchs or Karl Fuchs) and our Web site address, appear beneath the poem. (It can be small print; just so it's readable. All other uses require permission. See our Terms of Use for details. Write A Teacher Message To Tell the World Why Your Teacher Is The Best! Don't just think it; post your praise and give your teacher a card with a link to your page. Give examples of what your teacher has said, done and taught you that makes him or her extraordinary. Your teacher will love reading why you think he or she is special. Please note: YOUR ORIGINAL WORK ONLY, posted only at Please DO NOT submit the work of someone else. Minimum 100 words; more is better, no limit. If your poem is too short, please add comments. Submissions are subject to approval and editing. Teacher Messages and Poems From Other Visitors Click below to see contributions from other visitors to this site.


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My Teacher's Crazy Day Hacks Free generator. Corey Brush, Grade 3, Blackalls Park Public School Short Story 2008 Today was the most awkward day of my life because my teacher went crazy. My Teachers name is Mrs Hickey shes normally unlike this but today she is. First she started to jump up and down around the class when she stopped I realised that she had spiky hair and had dressed up as a clown she looked crazy and was crazy. The next thing I saw was that all of the teachers were going crazy they were all skipping down to the field Mrs Munro fell over I couldnt believe what was happening. That was one crazy day. FOLLOW US. The people tasked with educating our children have, arguably, one of the world's toughest gigs — and perhaps funniest, too. From embarrassing moments to super strange encounters, here's everything you won't hear at the teacher-parent conference. Get ready to laugh, smile, and, okay, maybe cringe a little, too, as instructors open up about their most unforgettable moments. The one that was a little TMI "I work in an old gym building, and the bottom floor is a series of tunnel-like hallways and locker rooms that students have used for generations. After going over female anatomy in our reproductive health class, I asked a series of review questions, one being, What is the site of fertilization. A girl raised her hand and I pointed to her, proud that someone remembered the answer so quickly. She confidently looked at me and said, Site of fertilization? Basement of the old gym, that's where my mom said she was. – Jordan The one where the Great Depression lesson was depressing "One time, in an essay on the Stock Market Crash of 1929, a student wrote that because the market went down a lot of people got depressed and and killed themselves, and that was the 'cause of the Great Depression. No amount of explaining, resource material, or even her peers could get through to her that there was a difference between an economic depression and a mental health issue. She kept asking whether everybody was unhappy, and when people said 'yes' she would say, See, they were depressed. –Janice The one that was actually pretty smart "While teaching sex education, a student raised his hand and asked if he could get a girl pregnant if she is upside down. I assured him in no uncertain terms that any way you flip it, you can get pregnant. The class seemed satisfied with that response, but then I looked back and see another hand up. (Oh man, the dreaded hand. I called on him and he said, Well, I was just thinking that it might be, you know, more likely to happen upside down. The class stops and turns to look at him and he continues, You know because of like gravity and stuff. The class nods their heads in agreement. Touché young man, touché. – Nikki The one missing a syllable "I once had a student who could be an absolute terror in class when she wanted to be. She could also be quite pleasant. Her theater arts teacher complimented her good behavior one day by saying, I really enjoy teaching you when you are in a pleasant mood! Some days you can be a horror. The next day, the teacher was pulled aside by the principal and told that she needed to watch her language around students. When she questioned what he meant, he replied, Susie said you called her a whore yesterday. – Jordan The one where spellcheck would've been nice "My mom taught fifth grade for 30 years, and she had multiple students named 'Samatha' because their parents had misspelled 'Samantha' on the birth certificate. –Jackie The one that embarrassed an entire classroom "My husband and I work across the hall from each other in a freshman academy, so we share most of the same students. I was out on maternity leave for the first month of the school year, and I returned just as students were completing sex ed in their health class. One day between classes a young man asked me when I had found out I was pregnant. I told him that was weird and to do the math: the baby was almost 4 months old. Later, he announced, loudly, October. They had sex in October. I'm not sure who was more mortified, the kids or me. – Mandi The one with multiple generations "Two years ago, I finally taught the daughter of a former student. Yes, I have been teaching that long: 18 years. That was a sobering moment. – Anna The one where the teacher needed teaching "I teach language arts, and one of my fourth-grade students told me, This is the most funnest class ever. Mortified at his poor grammar, I responded, Uh, thanks. And then in my head, I'm thinking, more grammar, less fun. – Chante The one where the pregnancy reveal fell flat "During the last two school years, I have been pregnant twice. Both times, to reveal to my students that I'm pregnant, I have worn a shirt that says, I'm so pregnant. Each time, the kids told me how excited they were and asked if I'd name the baby after them. They seemed to understand but then — after each pregnancy! — I've had kids tell me they thought I was joking. You'd think juniors and seniors in high school would be a tad more aware. – Cassandra The one that made use of anatomy props "I was teaching a course on parenting and we were on the unit about development in the womb. I had detention in my room that afternoon and had a life-sized, rubber replica of a woman's uterus with a detachable fetus on my table. There was a student who would not settle down, so I kindly told him he needed to leave. He stole the 9-month replica uterus and ran down the hall wearing it on his head like a hat. I immediately called my principal and told him someone just stole my uterus and that I needed it back. – Morgan The one with the drunk leprechaun "I'm a professor at University of Wisconsin, and St. Patrick's Day is a tough one if you're a health teacher amongst dozens of Irish college students. One St. Patty's day, a student came in dressed in a full leprechaun suit, complete with a big papier-mâché head that became too heavy for him to hold up after he fell asleep in his chair. He fell to the side and rolled down the aisle. – Ann Garvin, Ph. D., author and professor of I Like You Just Fine When You're Not Around. The one with the dead bird "We had a bird in the gym once and the savages in my seventh period threw a volleyball at it and killed it. But then, ironically, proceeded to hold a formal funeral for the bird they named Frank, complete with a full-on eulogy, burial, and everything. – Linda The one with a big misunderstanding "One time, as I was changing modes in the classroom, there was a little misunderstanding. As the students were putting away one project and pulling a worksheet out, I said, We'll have more on that later. The next day, I was called into the principal's office, where one of her students and her mother stood, very upset. The principal asked me, Did you call your students morons yesterday. – Nikki The one that made it all worth it "A junior in my AP English class, Morgan was an intense yet shy girl who was incredibly determined and hardworking, but had horribly low self-esteem and suffered from depression, anxiety, and self-mutilation. She frequently came back to talk to me as a senior, and we laughed, analyzed, cried some, and resolved a lot each time we spoke. But Morgan truly came into her own in college. When she wrote to thank me for encouraging her, and to tell me she was writing poetry, it made me so happy. — Catherine.